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Stylish UI/UX and Awesome Features

There are many features on BookPressed™ all packed together. We make it as simple as possible to navigate to each section.

Find People with Your Same Interests

Interact with other users through our Coffee House, Round Tables, Messaging, Activity Walls, and more.



Jump start your writing portfolio. Post a chapter and other authors can submit feedback or criticism towards your work.


Messaging System

Instantly chat with friends, authors, or editors. Our chat system is designed to be fast and friendly.



Earn Badges and BookWorms for different activities you perform on the site. BookWorms can be used towards membership fees.


Coffee House

CoffeeHouse is a discussion board where you can talk about anything (within reason). These messages are publicly viewable by any registered member.


Round Tables

Round Tables are designed for a group of people with similar interests or a group working on a single project together. You can request to join a Round Table or create your own.



Compete against other members or race against the clock. Type more words than your competitor to become the winner or try to beat your personal best by racing the clock.