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Quarantine Writers


Writers of the world have embraced the time off. We are about to be bombarded with novels and stories of every size and genre. Indie authors and traditionally published writers have taken pen to paper to dissipate feelings of angst due to Covid19. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting all the incredible reads. What about you? Are you excited to see new work from your favorite author, or do you dream of one day writing your own story? If there has ever been a time to write your story, it’s now, and BookPressed™ is here to help. The website is an exciting change from its counterparts, it focuses on more than just feedback, it provides resources and solutions. We connect you with like-minded writers and editors, teach you how to set achievable goals, and let you work at your own pace. Not everyone has the time or resources to commit to expensive writing coaches or classes, and BookPressed™ offers better solutions for the writers out there needing help. BookPresed™ is giving the beginning authors the confidence and diverse environment they’ll need to commit themselves to their stories. Finally, a website that can help writers write their stories. Don’t wait another day because you’re not sure where to begin- Your journey should start with BookPressed™ 

* BookPressed™ would like to offer our sincere sympathy and condolences to those dealing with the terrible effects of Covid19. We understand not everyone is in the right place to flourish creatively, and it’s all right. We get it. But for those who are, writing is a beautiful, therapeutic escape.

Where am I as a Writer?

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What are the measurements used to quantify you as a beginner, intermediate or advanced writer? I’d love to think the measurements shouldn’t concern you as to where you are as a writer, but they do. Without understanding where you are currently in your storytelling abilities, you’ll never be able to overcome a book filled with loose ends or know what you should focus on next. Beginning Writers: You should focus of simple main characters and work on your storyboard. You’ll need a beginning, a middle, and an ending to your story. Writers often speak of not needing a storyboard, and they tend to fly by the seat of their pants when developing their stories. These writers are happy writing in circles, and it’s not because they are lazy; it’s because they have not learned how to properly tell their story. For this group to grow into the next level, they need to learn soft skills. Learning the Lingo- Finding your Genre- Sound like an Author: Learning basic knowledge and terminology helps you avoid speed bumps. in your story. Start with the genre you believe your story gravitates to, then study how other authors approach them. Learn the difference between protagonists and antagonists. When you begin to talk like a writer, you begin to think like a writer. Intermediate Writers: Now is your time to study the fine art of telling a story. You should focus on story development and different points of view. Learn to head hop without confusing your reader. This is an excellent time to brush up on your editing skills. Don’t take yourself too seriously, relax and have fun with it. Understanding your Mistakes- Loving your Story- Writing Faster: The intermediate writer understands the critical need of beta readers. Fresh eyes catch mistakes and can provide valuable feedback. Constructive criticism is the writers’ best friend. At this point the vocabulary starts to bloom and the writing flows faster. This writer is inspired to publish their work and develop their brand as well as expanding marketing skills. Advanced Writers: Consider mentoring a struggling writer, write an article for your local paper, or post a blog about a technical aspect of writing you’re passionate about. Develop a Strong Story- Fix Mistakes Fast- Business Savvy: The advanced writers have beat sheets and outlines, they’ve developed a recipe that keeps their readers coming back for more. Now is not the time to be lazy, continue to learn and grow. Stay focused and engaged or fade away.

Author: Heather Lea Ryan
Editor: Sherri Wingler
5/7/2020 BookPresssed™ Newsletter
Article: Where am I as a Writer? 

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